Currently in development:

No-Othering ZONE Campaign™ – Multi-faceted, multimedia campaign with programs for adults and children aimed at raising awareness of Othering, strengthening our empathy muscles, and catalyzing a more collective sense of belonging.

Coalition for Good Community™ – Social media platform for our community, which shares similar values and visions for a better world. It functions and looks much like Facebook w/familiar features and tools. Unlike Facebook and all other social media platforms, this new community shall be built upon a foundation of trust and integrity. How matters. (We’re exploring the structure being a member-owned cooperative.) 

Good Talks™ – An independent, Anti-Racist, online No-Othering Zone in the form of a private, moderated and facilitated discussion forum. This platform is designed to nurture ongoing conversations required to work toward justice and healing. Existing platforms are not safe, trustworthy or effective for this purpose. There will be a professional version for corporations to supplement their Diversity + Inclusion + Equity efforts, as well as a public platform; the professional platform will fund CfG projects. 

Legacy Wishes: A wish-granting organization for Elder Activists (55+) who are working – and struggling as they work – to create a more caring, just, inclusive world where everyone belongs.