Please Don’t “Other” Mother Earth

On this Earth Day 2016, it is time for we humans to be much more aware of the truth that we are all connected — not only to one another, but to the Earth and all life on this planet we call home. Each and every one of us shares that one basic fact:  Mother Earth is our home.

So, it is time to stop othering Mother Earth.

While the following is a mantra of sorts for the Coalition for Good, usually pertaining to relationships between humans, on this Earth Day please consider our relationship to the Earth and other creatures as you read:

Our path toward healing and transformation begins with AWARENESS — including self-awareness.
With awareness we can expand and deepen our capacity to care;
With care comes connection and relationship;
With relationship comes the opportunity to see truth and build trust;
With trust comes heartfelt compassion and empathy;
With compassion and empathy come justice and healing;
With justice and healing comes peace;
With PEACE we can create meaningful, sustainable lives, communities and societies.

Then we can more fully embrace true #UnityinDiversity.


Here are two sites with information on ways to be aware, care, and pursue justice, healing and transformation regarding our Environment and Ecosystems. It is time we humans be better stewards, better caregivers, and, quite simply, a more loving species.



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