The following is my attempt to summarize a 9-year-long journey, from Wishadoo! to the Coalition for Good (CFG). While there are many blog and other sharings found online telling different aspects of this story and vision over all these years, the three-part audio series below offers highlights of this journey, from the inception of Wishadoo! to the creation of the Coalition for Good, as well as the way forward. 

If you have time, reading the other blog entries here at the CFG site will give you even more insight into the work, the vision and the mission as I begin the process of finding those of like mind and like heart to help me in the birthing process.  🙂

Questions or comments?  Feel free to contact me!

Part I  (11 minutes)

I share the incident which launched the idea of Wishadoo!, some of the experiences with Wishadoo! members, and why it is still so desperately needed in this world.


Part II   (8 minutes)

Here I introduce the WHY behind the satellite, synergistic projects which arose as a result of the work done at Wishadoo!


Part III   (15 minutes)

Part III is a reflection on what I learned over the years through Wishadoo! and what type of people and organizations are needed to create a network of integrity before it can be relaunched. I also explain surprising realizations over the last year as it concerns the extraordinary lack of diversity all around and why Unity in Diversity is a strong focus right now, as well as the fragmentation and competition amongst those doing such important work. That realization is what launched the idea for the Coalition for Good.  Without diversity, I do not believe anything can be built on a foundation of true integrity and thus cannot be sustained, nor will any project or venture be meaningful in the long term without diversity.