We believe healing, transformation and commitment to The Community Good begins with being aware:

With awareness we can expand and deepen our capacity to care

With care comes connection and relationship;

With relationship comes the opportunity to see truth and build trust;

With trust comes heartfelt compassion and empathy;

With compassion and empathy come justice and healing;

With justice and healing comes peace;

With PEACE we can create meaningful, joyful sustainable lives, communities and societies.



The path to cultural transformation begins with Care:  Caring about, in order to care for and, ultimately, care with one another. We care about the well-being of Humanity and all life on this planet, as well as the Earth herself.

While we may focus our energy and resources on one specific issue — or a certain approach to an issue — we acknowledge the importance of and need for other members’ work and support them as we are able. At the very least, we care about the issue and will not stand in the way of any nonviolent approach.

Caring is not a competition.

Only when we genuinely care can collaboration be transformative — and sustainable.

What might our world look like if caring values were embraced and acted upon by more individuals, enterprises, organizations and institutions, with a dedication to Community Good?

What if we could change everything by having the courage to ask “What If”?

Imagine the potential transformation toward justice, equity and harmony in our culture, civic life, economic activities, and the environment.

Joining The Coalition for Good is one action which puts us on a path of toward a new way of doing and being; a path which runs parallel and collaborates with many other efforts which are aligned with and supportive of individual and systemic transformative healing; a restoration and rejuvenation of Our Community Good.