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The #CaringInCommon Movement 

A movement to connect and catalyze all who support the vision of a more caring, just, and inclusive world. Coalition for Good as a membership organization will create and support ongoing, multi-sector collaborative projects and partnerships which support the vision.   


SOCIAL MISSION:  A multi-faceted collective impact initiative is being developed around a #CaringInCommon Movement. This Movement is intended to galvanize all sectors of our society around the vision of building compassionate communities and a more caring, just, inclusive world.

There are currently four areas of focus (expanding to six, to include Education and Healthcare):

Caring Culture:  We imagine a Caring Culture which affirms the equal worth and dignity of all (No-Othering pledge); a culture which embraces the power of Unity In Diversity; and a culture which recognizes that we must first care about others, in order to care for and, ultimately, care with one another.  

Caring Democracy:  We imagine millions of citizens joining together to have dialogue-across-diversity, becoming more informed about issues and solutions, and working together to develop a wiser, more Caring Democracy.     

Caring Economy:  We imagine a Caring Economy which transitions from the current competitive”growth-at-any-cost” framework to one which values and economically supports the work of care; an economy that is committed to co-creating an inclusive, equitable and thus sustainable world that works for all.  

Caring Ecosystems:  We imagine more people waking up to the fact that our immediate environments and the world at large are truly interconnected ecosystems. Caring, about, for and with our environment, including non-human companions, wildlife and indeed all forms of life, is a vitally important element of creating a more caring world. 

The #CaringInCommon Movement shall be built in stages, person by person – meeting people where they are – reaching out to all who care about the state of their community and the world. We envision this Movement rapidly growing through intersectoral collaborations with mission-aligned organizational and business members invited to join the Coalition for Good.


The Caring REALTOR® Project

Current Partners:  Connection Realty, Compassionate Citizens Foundation, Coalition for Good

BUSINESS VISION:  Connection Realty, Compassionate Citizens Foundation and Coalition for Good are joining forces to launch a Caring Commerce (triple bottom line) social enterprise venture to develop a Funding Engine for Good. The first phase of building this Funding Engine is focused on residential real estate transactions which shall generate high-impact funding for mission-aligned 501c3’s.

As with any endeavor, no matter how brilliant, an effective marketing plan is always the challenge. We believe leveraging the 501c3 universe to spread the word about and participate in this funding opportunity is the answer. We intend to create an exemplar of how effective and sustainable such a marketing plan can be. 

Harnessing the desire to Do Good, which simultaneously helps raise much-needed funds for organizations working to create a better world is the goal. However, this is about much more than mere transactions and cause marketing. It’s about developing relationships and building community, with ongoing opportunities to connect, collaborate and act on our desire to care about, for, and with one another.

As mentioned, this project is a social enterprise: There is a business component with a social mission leading the way. 

SOCIAL MISSION:  To support the larger social mission of the #CaringInCommon Movement and, more specifically, fund scalable, replicable, transformative projects designed to create and empower inclusive, sustainable compassionate community, with a focus on our most under-resourced populations.