HELP WANTED:  Currently seeking midwives to help birth the Coalition for Good

The Coalition for Good is intended to be a network of caring individuals, schools, groups, projects, businesses and organizations committed to our Community Good. We view the world as a community: humans, animals, and the planet itself. The Coalition connects and supports all who are doing the transformative work of creating a more caring, diverse, just, and equitable world for all.

The Coalition’s team of midwives care about the well-being of all members — human and non-human — of the Earth Community, as well as themselves. Team members are activists, entrepreneurs, community organizers, business and organizational members interested in creating this caring network.

The midwives share the deeper vision of cooperation and collaboration, understanding that it is more about true partnership and alliance. They also share the desire to connect more meaningfully with others who also care about issues which include but are not limited to the following:

Healing and transformation; climate change; #BlackLivesMatter; Syrian & other refugees; marriage equality; LGBTQ rights; immigration reform; ending all forms of oppression, exploitation and terrorism; the role of police officers, military personnel & veterans; civil disobedience; civil rights; workers’ rights; human rights; democracy; separation of Church & State; a living wage; rational gun control measures; animal rights; reproductive freedom; non-radical religious freedom; ending worship of money & profit; legalization of marijuana; universal healthcare; the right to quality education; environmental activism; No Othering; more caring institutions & systems; unity in diversity; cultural transformation; social, racial, economic, environmental justice, equity & transformation; disrupting apathy, reducing suffering, increasing joy; and the Common Good.

Coalition midwives may focus energy and resources on one specific demographic or issue — or a certain approach to an issue — but acknowledge the importance of and need for other members’ work in the realms of justice, equity, equality, healing and systemic transformation and support them as we are able. At the very least, we care about the issue and their efforts, and will not criticize or stand in the way of any nonviolent approach. Caring is not a competition.

I say care about because most of us can only give our time and attention to certain issues and organizations that are most important to us for personal reasons — those we care FOR. It is precisely because I can’t narrow down my passions that I am working to create something to support all of the aligned transformative work. I’m searching for others who at the very least care about all of what I’ve posted above, with the understanding that they can’t give time, attention or resources to it all. They may be leading their own projects and initiatives focused on one or two of the above issues, and I want us to support their work as well. It’s all connected. 

When the diverse, truly inclusive team of midwives who are passionate about this shared vision come together — and in doing so create a foundation of integrity — we shall be a force for Good, birthing and nurturing new ways of being and doing toward creating a world that is more caring, just and sustainable for all. A world in which there is no Othering.

Once the team of midwives is in place, we will grow the Coalition for Good network. Given the shared, synergistic vision and values, we can can collaborate to form partnerships with one another to model a new way forward. That is when the real work of reducing suffering and increasing joy can begin in earnest. Together we can stitch together this fragmented world…a world filled with infinite potential and possibility. 

To learn more about this particular journey, which began 9 years ago with Wishadoo! through to the present with the inception of the Coalition for Good, please listen to the three audio files shared to tell this story.

Please contact me if interested.  🙂  

~  Dena 

P.S. —  Men who support women-owned ventures are welcome to please contact me as well. CERTAINLY men will be involved in all aspects of these projects; there is no intention to exclude men. It’s just that, for this stage of the birthing process, I am indeed seeking a diverse group of women. Part of the vision is to raise the profile of women-owned enterprises, especially online enterprises.  🙂