Membership in The Coalition for Good means being part of a truly collaborative, multi-sector, international grassroots organization built on shared values and aligned visions to catalyze transformation — individual, organizational, societal|cultural and systemic — to a caring, compassionate, diverse, inclusive, just, and sustainable world that works for all.

The Coalition for Good will create a meaningful, ongoing support system for our members, bringing the many intersectional movements and silos together via our complementary missions and visions. Members shall have the opportunity to support one another in myriad ways — ways we have yet to discover; as new members join, new ideas and opportunities and potential to collaborate and partner will grow exponentially.

At this initial pre-launch stage, we will be reaching out to aligned individuals, organizations and businesses to introduce them to The Coalition and invite them to join us as Founding Members.   Based upon Founding Members’ type of work and resources, benefits of membership may expand rapidly. 

Basic benefits available to all members include:

  • Networking opportunities with others who share an aligned vision and values;
  • Increased public visibility and promotion by being listed in our Member Directory;
  • Access to a private area where job openings and Board of Director|Adviser opportunities will be listed, with the express intent to help organizational and business members increase diversity and inclusivity;
  • Having a voice|vote regarding future Coalition-sponsored campaigns and projects covering a wide spectrum of issues and opportunities, including creating (and supporting existing!) innovative worker- and member-owned co-operatives and other social enterprises; grassroots educational initiatives for Coalition-focused issues; projects for children; transformative justice and healing programs; community land trusts; a Kindness & Thanks Bank; Local Good…so many creative, caring ways to cultivate connection and community!

In addition, Our Good Media (the social enterprise “sister” organization of the Coalition for Good) provides initial membership benefits through a collection of projects, platforms and tools, all created with the intention to support a caring cultural transformation. Because Coalition members agree to embrace and strive to embody our stated shared values and vision, all members — individual, organizational and business — are invited to be founding participants|contributors|partners|sponsors of the following synergistic projects in various stages of development: — A professional, moderated online platform serving as a sanctuary to initiate and engage in courageous conversations and encourage respectful, civil dialogue. There will be various levels in order to meet people where they are, with the goal of removing fear of The Other and encourage more compassion and collaboration.  — Online magazine where we shall nurture discovery of our common humanity and Community Good so that we may learn to celebrate our diversity, not fear it. Content will highlight the people, projects, potential, possibilities and solutions offered via The Coalition for Good members. 

Wishadoo! The Community Good Network (like Facebook for Compassionate Activism) —  This online community is where we shall deepen our relationships and networks in order to build caring, just, inclusive, sustainable communities that work for all. (Wishadoo! began 9 years ago and worked so well, simply by word of mouth, that it became overwhelming; we had to put it on hold and are working to relaunch once a caring network that acts as an anchor is in place). Coalition for Good members will be given the first opportunity to seed this Mutual Benefit Society, implanting our values and vision within this caring community network. Once the seeds are in place, covering all regions, we will grow the network via the Six Degrees of Good Campaign so that no one need ever feel alone again.  

Additional benefits for organizations and businesses:


As a coalition, we will create innovative ways for our nonprofit members to raise funds for their work, including participating in LOCAL GOOD (like “Groupon for Good”), with local member nonprofits partnering with local member businesses to increase business revenue and generate much-needed funds for organizations.  

Organizational members will have their work promoted via original articles posted at the Community Good magazine, as well as other online and social media venues. 


Not only are advertising and sponsorship opportunities available via Good Talks (forum), Community Good (magazine) and Wishadoo! (social network), other opportunities will also be available through other Coalition members. 


Participate in Local Good (like “Groupon for Good”)


Business members will have their work promoted via original articles posted at the Community Good magazine, as well as other online and social media venues.


If you have read about The Coalition and believe you are in alignment with our values, intentions and vision and are interested, please…>>>