We define the ultimate Good as a world where no one is The Other and Everyone Belongs. The Coalition for Good (CfG) is a membership alliance of individuals, networks, organizations and businesses united by our values and vision which benefit the Common Good. 

Dedication to the Common Good and the transformation we need won’t happen without a commitment to inclusivity + belonging. Diversity isn’t enough. Being “not racist” isn’t enough. It’s time to take a definitive stance, not only for inclusivity, diversity and belonging but against racism, white supremacy and the many manifestations of bigotry. 

It’s time for moral courage. A clear, visible Anti-Black Racism + Anti-Indigenous Racism + Anti-POC Racism + Anti-Othering position is vital. 

A world with more caring, just|equitable, inclusive and thus sustainable communities and societies is our vision. We want the planet to be a No-Othering Zone. Our mission is to facilitate cultural, systemic transformation toward our shared vision via creation of collaborative spaces, platforms and projects. 

Doing the work to create spaces and systems that are founded upon genuine care for one another and a commitment to Anti-Racism + Anti-Othering is our priority. 

We’re like a Chamber of Commons, building an Ecosystem for Good.

The Coalition for Good shall guide the way to that more caring, just, inclusive world, led by those who have been most impacted by racism and othering.


When the goal is a caring, just, inclusive world, the contrast of What Is is evident: Othering. To work toward #UnityInDiversity we must recognize and face our propensity to see people as The Other; as “those people”; as less than or, worse, subhuman and of less inherent value and worth because they are different from us in some way and don’t belong to the same group(s). We must learn to see ourselves in one another and strengthen our empathy muscles. We must dismantle the man-made hierarchy of human value. We must be mindful of Integrity of Space and create (and be!) No-Othering Zones.

No-Othering Zone Campaign – Coming Soon!